Joint Powers Agreement Legal Definition

(e) an action to determine the validity of the bonds issued, of all common authority agreements, of all related agreements, including, but not only, of any access or arrangement of borrowing or transfer, transfer or pawning by an authority with common powers or a local authority, the priority of a privilege conferred under this section and the respective rights and obligations of each common authority or party with which the common authority may enter into a contract in accordance with this chapter, the common authority referred to in Chapter 9 (from Section 860) of Title 10, Part 2, of the Code of Civil Procedure may bring legal action. Any appeal against a judgment in the appeal is opened within 30 days of the judgment. It is not necessary for each common authority to the contracting parties to be exercised by each contracting party with respect to the geographical area in which that power is to be exercised jointly. For the purposes of this section, two or more public bodies authorized to organize agricultural, animal, industrial, cultural or other fairs or exhibitions, a common power regarding a fair or exhibition of this type, organized by one or more of these public bodies or by an organization created under a common power agreement made by these public bodies. , apply. The Board of Directors may create an office composed exclusively of members selected from the board of directors. When an executive committee is established by the Board of Directors, the mandate of the members of the executive committee is provided for in the statutes of the Authority. When an executive committee is established by the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee holds the functions of the Authority between board meetings and exercises all the powers covered by Article 7, Section d, paragraph 2, or delegated it by other means by the committee. The common powers to common powers are conferred by creative governments; They are therefore different from the special districts that receive new delegations of sovereign power from the state. In addition to other powers, any agency, commission or direction provided for by a common powers agreement covered by Article 1 (from Section 6500) of this chapter between an irrigation district and a city, where that entity is entitled to acquire, build, maintain or operate systems, facilities, buildings, buildings and other facilities and other land for household water supply.

, irrigation, sanitation, industry, fire protection, recovery or other public or private purposes may issue revenue obligations in accordance with the Revenue Debt Act 1941 (from Section 54300) to cover the costs and costs of acquiring, building, improving and financing a project for either of these purposes.

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