Origin Energy Agreement Terms

Direct debit is easy to set up and makes paying your energy bill a breeze. You can find our collection conditions here. You can read the background behind each of our energy products, retail contracts and other important information. Our offer of housing and business plans means that there is an option for every budget and every type of property. Here you will find our lifespan for each energy plan in relation to the terms of the contract above. If our agreement to provide you with energy ends, this energy plan will end, even if you change your address. This energy plan is for 12 or 24 months and begins with the start of delivery and continues for the period defined in the Details section of your energy agreement. If we are still your distributor after the end of this energy plan, we will continue to provide you with energy as part of our agreement. In accordance with your agreement with Origin on energy supply, you have specific rights, rights and obligations that you may not be aware of. To better understand your rights, read the document below. And if you want more information about the deal, call our friendly staff at 13 24 61. We`ll be happy to help. Here you will find our contractual terms for retail contracts in the retail market of small customers – this includes the sale of electricity, natural gas, greenpower and/or green gas in your property.

If Origin is your dealer for more than one of these products, you have a separate agreement with us for each product. The terms of the contract explain how this energy plan can end prematurely and what happens when it ends. Don`t worry, even if your energy plan ends, your energy supply will continue and we`ll stay in touch to let you know your options. And here are some other important information about your agreement: Customer Disclosure Statement (PDF 64 KB) Cancellation Notice (PDF 121 KB) Green Product Terms (PDF 47 KB) . If your delivery address has a digital counter, the billing period is displayed monthly. . If you are entitled to an account balance (see Details for more information), but this energy plan ends before it is applied to your account, you will not receive the credit. . To resume this energy plan, you must have agreed to pay your bills in full by direct debit. Under this energy plan, you will benefit from the following benefits: Terms and Conditions – ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA and VIC (PDF 156 KB) We can extend your current energy plan or put you in place with a new energy plan – but only if we wrote to you first and you didn`t tell us not to.

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