Settlement Agreement Dutch Law Example

A severance pay can, of course, go beyond the other side of the transition tax and does not necessarily have to correspond to the transition tax. The amount of severance pay varies from case to case and results from negotiations between the employer and the employee. In addition to a cash package, severance pay may also include, for example, additional training, outsourcing and compensation for (legal) costs. Many expatriates in the Netherlands are eligible for the 30% decision. As a result, workers receive a tax break of 30% of their salary to cover the additional costs of working in their home country. However, compensation is not covered by this 30% judgment. Instead, the normal rate is applied. In 2020, this rate is 49.5% for all income, including compensation of more than 68,507 euros. As a result, the actual net amount of compensation will often be less than the net monthly wages that employees are used to paying. In the event of termination of employment, a worker is entitled to what is known as a transitional payment. As of January 1, 2020, this transitional payment amounts to one third of the monthly salary per year of work. However, a worker will often be able to negotiate a better deal, as the employer tries to avoid costly and costly legal or UWV proceedings.

A few years ago, the Dutch right (in case) to grant a monthly salary per year of seniority was customary when neither the employee nor the employer was responsible for the termination of the employment contract. Often this price is still used as a starting point for negotiations. A termination agreement may contain the following information: You are summoned by your boss. It presents you with a termination contract or a transaction contract (vaststellingsovereenkomst in Dutch) with the request to sign this agreement, preferably as soon as possible. But should I really do it? Should you accept your release? Are you still entitled to unemployment benefits (werkeloosheidswet)? Aren`t you entitled to a (higher) severance pay? And what about the prescribed notice periods? Below are the answers to any questions about the transaction contract. If you still have questions after reading or if you would like your consent to be evaluated for free, you can contact us by phone or email. We can also negotiate better redundancy terms for you or prevent you from laying off. So what are the main points to remember before signing a settlement agreement? Finally, it is expected that the parties will grant each other a “full discharge” after the implementation of the agreements reached.

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