Assumption Of Mortgage Agreement Pag-Ibig

Mr Nimrod Flores, thank you very much for this article. I just asked if I was going to buy a property from a balanced bank seller (mortgage seller). Isn`t it a pedal bank to pay off the mortgage? Imagine that I`m going to buy a bank loan license to buy a condo worth $5 million after the seller of 5 million condos sells to the bank for $3 million. Wouldn`t it be for the bank itself to approve my loan to pay the seller as well as a mortgage to the bank, to ensure that the title is cleaned or replaced by the title of the real estate apartment. It`s true? This can be already trivial for the person who is exposed to real estate transactions. But for the beginner, the first thought that comes to mind when a property is still mortgaged is that they should not buy it. Hello everyone. I have a problem with the convenience store I took in 2011. I`m sorry I didn`t have the love I borrowed from my pope, so I had just heard the unity I liked.

Now a year more than I paid for the love loan, and I paid 3 years to pay that I paid for bali 2 years. And last October, I was able to extend my house color, which doesn`t really exist. I already give 1.7 million paid for the deposit 200t Po Yun misses 97t for 2014 from March the end of its payment. The loan was concluded last July at 9370 pesos. And last May, I just decided to love. I asked if I could take my father`s name. How much do I spend one day? Because I`m really funded. I just borrowed it? What do I need to do to represent the house and draw title? I was a little worried because I was my father. I wish I could have secured this house. Can I understand that I haven`t been in love for two years? How much does it cost? Will my pope still receive money? Is it like you`re falling into sales? What are the requirements of the show? How long does the treatment take? I am going abroad and I am returning home in January 2013. .

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